Kamsarmax Bulk Carriers

Bulk carriers are ships in which cargoes are carried in bulk quantities rather than in barrels, containers, bags etc. and are usually homogeneous and loaded with the help of gravity. A bulk cargo is defined as a "loose" cargo that can be loaded easily and directly into a vessel's cargo holds. These cargoes are usually cargoes of grain, coal, cement, soybeans, iron ore, steel pellets and in some cases fertilizers.

The most predominant types of bulk cargo ships are the handymax and the panamax types. Panamax bulk carriers continue to grow in cargo capacity as the pressure of worldwide competition has forced yards
to build ships that can carry extra extra cargo. Therefore, a special vessel has been built, called "Kamsarmax". This is is the biggest size ship able to load at the world’s largest bauxite port, Port Kamsar in
Equatorial Guinea.

A Kamsarmax type bulk carrier is basically a 82,000 dwt Panamax with an increased LOA = 229 m (for Port Kamsar in Equatorial Guinea).